What we do for you

Energy Savings

©E-OPT allows for drastically reducing the primary energy consumption leading to achieve up to 40% energy & cost savings.

CO2 Reduction

Environmental friendly energy systems are a must for matching the 2050 Paris Agreement and ©E-OPT allows for clean eco-friendly optimized design with low CO2 pollutant emissions.

Artificial Intelligence

©E-OPT is based on advanced hybrid algorithm integrated with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for ensuring fast, reliable and robust computations.

About Us

This is what we are

Energy Smart Solutions is a Start-up Spin-Off of Nanyang Technological University Singapore. The company core business is related to the energy optimisation for achieving significant greenhouse emissions reduction, large primary energy, capital and operating costs savings. The ©E-OPT software developed by the Energy Smart Solutions allows for solving Master-Planning, Optimal Dispatch and asset management problems, by adopting advanced mathematics and artificial intelligence.


Here is our partners

Energy Smart Solutions is working with international company located in various continents, among them the recent collaborations have been established with:


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