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Solutions for greenfield projects

  • Master-planning (design)
  • Definition of the system operation strategy (optimal dispatch)

Solutions for brownfield projects

  • Costs reduction by optimizing the interaction between energy sources and demands (retrofitting)
  • CO2 mitigation to comply with national emissions protocol by minimizing the costs (CAPEX & OPEX) and penalty in performance.


The possibility of optimally solve Master-Planning and Optimal Dispatch problems by adopting the advanced mathematic and Artificial Intelligence embedded in the ©E-OPT for dealing with:

  • Integration and retrofitting of renewable energy (no emissions), cogeneration technologies (CCHP, performance improvement) and storage (electrochemical, thermal, mechanical-optimal operations), optimal operations and optimal design
  • Tailor the solution to each specific country code of practice
  • Adoption of multi-objective functions (NPV, ROI, CO2) enables the end-user to identify the best possible solutions matching the requirements
  • Performance and condition monitoring for optimal operations and maintenance scheduling